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Meaning of Reveresco

Reveresco (properly spelled Reviresco) was the motto of the Clan Ewen of Otter, a Highland Scottish clan known from the 15th century. It means

About Us

Founded by parents of a child with autism in 2009, Reveresco was created with the main goal of providing the highest quality service to each client. The Reveresco team takes each individual’s challenge personally and our entire staff contributes directly and indirectly to his/her success. Our team sets the bar high. We assess each client's unique needs and systematically develop the behavior analytic interventions necessary. The key to our successful treatment outcomes is our highly skilled team of consultants with continuous direct oversight by seasoned Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Our staff is truly committed to helping all Reveresco clients and their families achieve their goals. We welcome your questions and would welcome the opportunity to discuss what Applied Behavior Analysis is and how it can help.

Accepted Insurance Plans

For your convenience, Reveresco ABA Therapy, LLC is in network with most private insurance carriers: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, United Health Care, AVMED, AETNA, HUMANA, and many others. We also accept CMS21, CMS19, Florida Medicaid and Med-Waiver. If we are not in network with your health insurance carrier and your plan covers Applied Behavior Analysis, we still may be able to work with your carrier. Please call your clinic to speak with our insurance specialist for more information.  To learn more about what the Florida autism law mandates for coverage of Applied Behavior Analysis services, please click on this link Florida Autism Insurance Information. Please contact our clinic for information about insurance coverage and authorizations.

Applied Behavior Analysis Services


Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) develop highly individualized programs based on each client’s unique needs. Each client has an entire team of working on their program. We focus on communication, social skills and reading for skill acquisition while developing behavior interventions to reduce or increase certain behaviors. At this stage it is important to teach children how to learn so that they will be able to gain much more on their own from their environment and be in less restrictive classroom and community settings. For young children who require early intervention, our intensive early intervention program is scientifically developed to help these children reach their full potential.

Young Adults to Geriatrics

Our team focuses on those areas that will make life easier. Typically, this involves strengthening communication, social skills, self-care and a variety of other skills necessary to be as independent as possible in college, home and community. Our team is always mindful that each individual has their own circle of support and we work to assist families, other therapists, teachers, doctors and others understand the individual’s behavior and develop strategies for positive change.

Students and Professionals

If you are a student enrolled in a BACB approved Applied Behavior Analysis program, we believe that our clinic provides one of the best practicum programs in the state. Due to the popularity of our program, we can offer limited positions and obtaining these spots is highly competitive. We urge you to apply early in your program. Reveresco is proud to serve as an intensive practicum site for the Florida Institute of Technology ("FIT") Hybrid M.A. ABA program. We have several other university ABA program partnerships.

Professionals who are not seeking employment, may still apply for training and support in the field of ABA. They can choose from a variety of 1:1 programs designed to suit his/her needs. Our seasoned BCBAs also provide 1:1 uniquely designed supervision and/or training for those working on their own seeking BACB certification or for those BCBAs who wish to excel in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Please check back with us for our calendar of trainings coming soon.