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About Us- Founded with a Personal Mission

Founded in 2009, by parents of a child diagnosed with autism, Reveresco ABA Therapy has grown to serve the most deserving clients in South Florida. The founders believed so strongly in Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”), that in addition to their already established careers, each studied and earned graduate degrees in ABA and one became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Today, we continue to work towards the highest degree of services and supports because we understand how important every moment of therapy can make towards independence.

TEAM REV understands the importance of each individual’s success and goals towards independence. We set the bar high and consistently work towards mastery by utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis interventions. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) assess the need and learn why behavior is or is not occurring. They then develop interventions to help each client make progress in reaching his or her individual goals.

The Reveresco team takes each individual’s needs and desires personally and our entire staff contribute both directly and indirectly to our clients’ successes. None of these life-changing programs would be what they are without the work of our exceptional staff. Our team is truly committed to helping all Reveresco clients meet their goals and achieve success. Our clients’ successes serve as the rewards that motivate us and continue to help us evolve to be the best that we can be.